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Guardian Training & Consulting's
Bleeding Control Course
What Will You Learn in Guardian's Bleeding Control Course?
If something as traumatic as someone having life-threatening bleeding, wouldn't you want the training and tools to save their life? That's where Guardian's Bleeding Control Course comes in.

Motivated by recent tragedies as well as numerous incidents from campers, industrial workers, hikers, bikers, and everyday life, Guardian developed a Bleeding Control Course to educate citizens on how to control life-threatening bleeding.

Bleeding is the #1 preventable death in trauma-related cases.

This course is designed for everyone. From mothers, fathers, siblings, Scouts, workplaces, outdoors adventurers, and everyday life. 

This course covers how to identify life-threatening bleeding, how to properly call 911, the use of pressure to stop bleeding, the use of tourniquets, hemostatic agents such as Quik Clot, bleeding control for children, and the use of chest seals to name a few.
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